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Life and Death’s Procession

stoner doodles from 10th grade geometry class: the cover of Death's Procession

Just realized the reason why I was still awaiting the release of Saviours’ fourth full-length album was because I’d missed it; when Death’s Procession (Kemado 2011) came out this past September 6, I was grueling and grinning on “Day 2″ of the John Muir Trail. Can’t say I’d trade places, though. The album was long-awaited on my part, but I still feel like I’m missing something. Sure, it has all the extremely satisfying, characteristic Saviours go-tos: galloping momentum (“The Eye Obscene”), dual guitars to make one’s spirit leap out of body (“To the Grave Possessed”), and even impressive vocal harmonies (“Crete’n”, “Walk to the Light”). Yet as a whole, it feels neither as creative nor inspired as their first two albums, Crucifire (Level Plane Records, 2006) or Into Abbadon (Kemado, 2008). The third album, the super thrashy Accelerated Living (Kemado, 2009), was just beginning to grow on me, its anthemic mantra, “We roam! Wasted!” transformed from a vision of bullshit dudes partying obscene to a triumphant rallying cry against yuppie scum, beers held high like Olympic torches of working class allegiance, for instance. Yet compared to the filler flatness of their latest effort, AL seems positively dynamic and racing wild. Hopefully this one will age well on my CD shelf as well, and new nuances will show themselves upon each future listening. In the meantime, Dan Obstekrieg’s opinion on MetalReview is pretty much everything I wanted to say but executed much better (including this brilliant line, “nature abhors indecision just as much as it does a vacuum”). Go there, here.

*photo by Raymond Ahner* 3/4ths of Saviours: Austin Barber, Sonny Reinhardt, and Chris Grande (who's since been replaced by Carson Binks)

From the botanical realm, Prunus cerasifera and Magnolias are already opening their buds. It’s a mid-January gift (for Californians, at least), post-Christmas, post-New Year. The holidays have settled, and more beauty awaits in the months to follow, even amidst drunkenly ruined pseudo-resolutions and sigh….Reality, whatever that signifies. Having faith in the unfolding petals of three flowering plum street trees helps, as does this celebratory Magnolia tree (species unknown), as seen on a street in Santa Cruz filled with quirky, trashy, kitschy, recycled, beautiful, tangled, sustainable, wayward, rainbow, freaky, comfortable, and challenging gardens. And really, would one expect Santa Cruz to offer anything less?

a California winter

Merry January

just the tip...? Loving this fuzzy cat-ear bud cover. From bud to flower to fruit, Magnolias offer gift upon gift upon gift.

And finally, a shack that’s truly made to rock out in. An appropriate use of recycled materials. Behind a white picket fence, to boot.


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  • curtis

    Magnolia soulangiana.. I think. We have a few that are nearly 60 feet tall at the nursery. I just picked up a Magnolia stellata ‘Leonard Messel’ for a special place in the backyard. It’s another spring bloomer. I’m gonna clear a space for it, and all the hydrangeas this year… yup, this is the year.

  • I had the pleasure of seeing Saviours on their last tour with Midnight and LSoD. Awesome show! One of the better ones I have seen up here. I need to get me some of their material. With regards to the botanical part of this post, I always wondered what type of flowering tree that was. Thanks! Now I know… You realize that I’m going to be referencing this here said blog regarding certain species and flora now that I’m enrolled in an ecology course this semester ;)


  • @ Curtis: I think you’re right. Thanks! I learned about five of the 210 Magnolia species…..M. stellata is beautiful, I’m sure it will go great with your mess of hydrangeas, heh heh heh…..

    @ Aegipan: I too, have had way too much fun at Saviours shows before, just non-stop. I would recommend picking up their first two full-lengths (Crucifire and Into Abbadon). Their third is the thrashiest. And thanks for the promise of word-of-mouth marketing! That would be wonderful, thanks. You’ll have fun in ecology!

  • Aegipan

    I’ve already recommended this blog to a few peeps. I’m actually not sure how much referencing I’ll be doing but I’ll be at least referring to this site nevertheless. I’m definitely looking forward to the ecology course I’m in; it helps to know two of the lab assistants and have a passionate instructor… Thanks for the recommendations. I think I may have heard Crucifire but will have to look into getting one or all of their albums.

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