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Phyte Club Vacation

Oh, wouldn’t it be rad if this post were announcing a trip to, say, Maryland for the Death Fest, or Clissón for Hellfest, or to Germany for Wacken Open Air? Sign up here, for a tour of the United States Botanical Garden, the red poppied meadows of France, or the Black Forest, respectively? Someday, patronage pending. Promise.

white butterfly needles: Thujopsis dolabrata

sweetness, sweetness i was only joking.....Arbutus unedo

January in Big Sur: Cynoglossum grande (Hound's Tongue) on the Tanbark Trail

For now, though, Phyte Club has to take a brief hiatus, a vacation from vacations, such as these ones that punctuated 2011:

Anza-Borrego State Park

Big 4/Carizzo Plains National Monument/Joshua Tree National Park/Pinnacles National Monument

Los Angeles = Bastard Noise & Sleep

The [California] Sierra Nevada

Nova Scotia and Montréal

The John Muir Trail

The Pacific Northwest/Mendozza/High on Fire

Costa Rica

It is time to rejoin the working-for-wages world for a heavy duty spell. And time to recharge the inspiration, if mainly through purposefully avoiding it by default. As of right now, I’m not sure if Phyte Club will morph into a photo here and there, or random commentary, or full-on picked back up at some undetermined time.

if you could be in your favorite place all the time, would you still lust after it?

dive into purple

Let Me Be*Use Me*Feed Me: Three-bin compost system at Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

I will definitely check for comments still, and will reply back. I can still be reached at

In the meantime, there are 153 published posts over the past 22 months. In addition to all the trip posts linked to above, here are a dozen of my favorite, from ancient thoughts to the youngest:

Environmetalist: High on Honeysuckle, Beer-Soaked Botany Ensues

Attention Deficit Disorder Botany in Pinnacles National Monument

The Passion Flower of Christ

Don’t Get in the Way of the Riffs!

Little Green Lover


Mushrooms, Part II: Aman-neatos and Friends

Broom-Rape, or A Banshee

Shitting, Naturally

Eschscholzia californica/California Poppy

Sex in the Garden: Botanical Tramp Stamps

Leaves too Cool to Leave Alone

a mighty big weiner, as seen from my favorite cacti-covered patio in Big Sur

Enjoy. Keep in touch. And, as always, get off the computer and go outside!

trucker hat pollination in Costa Rica



11 comments to Phyte Club Vacation

  • oh nnoooooo…
    please shoot me an email w/info!

  • Aww, I just discovered you! I will have to content myself with reading all your old posts. :)

  • curtis

    The other day I was hanging out at my friend’s house. We were listening to Scale the Summit, drinking Ruthless Rye, and discussing Salvia spathacea propagation. No, I’m not bullshitting you, he’s another metal head that works at a native nursery.

    I showed him your blog, and you have a new fan.

    This is my favorite blog on the internet, so I really hope you start writing again before I finish going through the archives.

  • Jonathan

    In a just world, the talent and intelligence you display with your fine, fun writing here would be grant-supported. I’ll checking in for sure. Best wishes, Jonathan

  • Hi Diane — How’d you find the site? I’m always curious, because the original idea was to do a lot more “marketing”, for why spend all this time writing if blog traffic is sssslllloooowwww, you know? Please do read the old ones! I will look at your blog, The Garden of Live Flowers, as well. From a cursory glance, it looks wonderfully and humorously written (and like you’re on a hiatus as well, for basically the same reasons I am). Looking forward to further communication.

  • We are growing! In numbers and natives! Ha! But seriously, thanks for passing on the word and thanks for liking the blog, as well as for always keeping me fed with plant and beer stories and encouragement.

  • Jonathan — Thank you for your kind words. We’ll see what happens with everything, I’m really not sure yet, at all. I appreciate the encouragement, though, and please do check in. Have fun in New Zealand!

  • I followed a link from another blog I follow, and I have no idea now whose it was – sorry! :( I’ve kind of fallen out of plant blog reading the last few months and I miss it. I miss writing, too. I could post my dissertation drafts on my blog but I would put the entire internet to sleep. I never even bothered posting much about my thesis topic because I have a mortal fear of getting scooped. What a silly life I lead.

    Have fun working for wages! I hear that “money” is a useful thing!

  • Jonathan

    I’ll stay in touch for sure! Although I think it’s an unforgivable tease to sign off with that unexplained image of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile parked by a friend’s place in Big Sur.

    I guess it’s good to let some things remain a mystery in this universe.

  • Whats up K!

    Sounds like you have some amazing trips lined up…. Have fun and take tons of pics! Matt and I just got back for a month in Belize! We will have to have a beer and swap butterfly pics… Cheers xoxo

  • Kristen

    153 posts in under 2 years?? You are a brilliant writing machine. You’ll be back, please say you’ll be back? :-)

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